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M.K.V.V. International Vidyalaya (CBSE)
News And Events
  • Teacher training workshop - Aug 20, 2016

    Teacher training workshop

    A workshop was conducted in association with Brittanica Publications for English teachers. The facilitator, Dr Khanna, trained teachers on Communication skills. She covered sub topics such as verbal communication, non-verbal communication, barriors to communication, significance of communication, etc. The audio - visuals were truely helpful and this will assist teachers and better the students' communication. Interactive games were quickly picked up by the teachers as a new method to motivate students to learn new words.

  • Independence Day celebration - Aug 15, 2016

    Independence Day celebration

    Great patriotic fervor was witnessed on Independence day celebration. The function was presided by representatives from our management namely President Shri Vinubhai Valia Sir, Mrs Kotak Maam, Mr Rajul Bhai Pathak Sir, alongwith them we had Principals from our sister councern schools. The celebration begun with March past, only by girls, as a message for women empowerment. The theme designed for the same was “Jawan – e – Hindustan”. Students sang patriotic songs and stirred nostalgic moments for all. Dances were choreographed on the tunes of nationalistic zeal to inculcate love for the nation. A thought provoking skit was showcased to encourage student towards the Defense services. There was also a gymnastics performance by students. The celebration ended with the “Felicitation of students who secured 10 on 10 CGPA” by our President Shri Vinubhai Valia.

  • Sanskrit Day celebration - Jul 29, 2016

    Sanskrit Day celebration

    We celebrated "Sanskrit Day" on 29th July. The students were amazed at the rich and dominant history of our country. A special assembly was conducted. Students spoke about the contributions of various Sages who wrote in Sanskrit and developed a scientific mindset of the then population.

  • French Day celebration - 13th July - Jul 13, 2016

    French Day celebration

    As part of cultural understanding the school celebrated French day on 13th July 2016. The students participated with great enthusiasm. To begin with, students attended school in colorful dress, with shades of white, red and blue, representing the French Tricolor. They also made models of monuments including Disneyland, Eiffel tower, etc. Students gave speeches in French and sang melodious French songs. Audio visuals were shown to the students regarding French culture and society, French rhymes and poetry. It was a great step towards inculcating a feeling of global citizenship.

  • Saraswati Diksha– 12th July - Jul 12, 2016

    Saraswati Diksha

    A session was conducted with the students wherein they were taught meditation and study strategy helpful in achieving their goals. Students of the entire school participated and took the benefits of the session. It was an effort of ardent followers of Shiv Yog.

  • Workshop on Cyber Safety - Jul 02, 2016

    Workshop on Cyber Safety

    On 1st and 2nd July a workshop was conducted in the school by Ahaan Foundation, supported by Hon. Shri Vinod Tawadeji, Ministry of school, Higher and Technical Education,  on Cyber Safety. It was a child friendly interactive session on "BEING RESPONSIBLE NETIZEN's" for students from standard VI onwards to create awareness about cyber safety and promote responsible online behavior. Inputs were given on anti social activities such as Stalking, Bullying, Identity theft, Morphing etc. Guidelines were shared regarding online behavior. Legal implications were discussed so that the students are aware of their rights. Informative leaflets were distributed.

  • International Yoga Day celebration - Jun 21, 2016

    International Yoga Day celebration

    The school promotes good health and well being of the students at all times. International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2016 as a fulfilling step towards it.

  • English Day Celebration - Jun 17, 2016

    English Day Celebration

    The school celebrated English Day on 24th June to highlight the significance of the language in the life of students in all spheres. The Special Assembly included speech by students on Importance of the language, etc. The students were delighted with the musical treat of tongue twisters. There were poetic recitation of thought provoking timeless poetry. English authors , from far fledged places and time, were immortalized in the form of chart presentation and models. The day was indeed memorable for everyone.

  • International Dance Day - Apr 29, 2016

    International Dance Day

    The students from MKVVIV are a combination of multiple talent. International Dance was celebrated on 29th April. The students made chart representation of the various dance forms around the world. They shared how dance is a medium of expression and touches the lives of many. Expression of various emotions through dance was displayed during the special assembly.  The celebration started with Ganesh vandana in classical dance form. Students also performed flash mob, fusion of multiple dance forms, etc. It was a visual treat when students gave various formations on the rhythm.

  • Investiture Ceremony - Apr 26, 2016

    Investiture Ceremony

    School Investiture ceremony is a student’s first exposure to democracy. Preparation for the ceremony was on beforehand. Students who contested the free and fair election were given time to campaign and address students regarding their election agenda. The council members did an excellent job of advocating the process of free and fair election. Based on the votes of students only and under the strict supervision of teachers the winners were declared.


    On the Investiture day the council members swore in before the whole school and promised to set exemplary example of discipline.

  • Earth Day Celebration - Apr 22, 2016

    Earth Day Celebration

    Celebrations of Earth Day were not restricted to 22nd April only. The students were sensitized to their responsibilities related to the environment throughout the month of April.

    Students made herbarium using natural waste like leaves, twigs, etc, Class room activities involving best out of natural waste and plastic waste were conducted.

    On 22nd April, Earth Day was celebrated with great zeal. Special assembly was conducted in the school wherein students gave speech on various topics such significance of clean resource, depletion of natural resources, Alternative resources, etc. Students Eco Club was formed. These club members will spread awareness on related issues. Students planted saplings and seeds with great care and took a pledge to nurture them.

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