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M.K.V.V. International Vidyalaya (CBSE)
Code of Conduct
School timing:

Regarding School timings:

For Primary section given below is the timing the students need to follow:
  1. 12:40 pm to 5:50 pm. (On regular days)
  2. 12:40 pm to 3:00 pm (On last working day of the month)
For secondary section given below is the timing the students need to follow:
  1. 06:55 am to 12:25 pm. (On regular days)
  2. 06:55 am to 9:30 am (On last working day of the month)
  3. Students are expected to be in school 5 minutes early.
  4. Students arriving thereafter will be treated as late. In case of three late marks the child will be sent home.
  5. Parents are requested to pick up and drop their wards on time to avoid inconvenience.
  6. Half days will not be allowed during regular school hours.
Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation
  1. As per CBSE guidelines every child will be evaluated throughout the year in different ways. Formative assessment and Summative assessment together will qualify the result of the child.
  2. Formative assessment accounts for 10 marks to be proportionated out of 40. These 40 marks are a sum total of Revision exercise, project works, presentations, debate, experiments done, assignment sheets, lab manuals, journals, etc. This will be subject specific. The tasks may differ in both the terms. Submitting these tasks is very important failing which there will be a direct impact on the result.
  3. Summative assessment is the exam taken by the child in both terms.
  4. Non-scholastic marks are of great importance. These include computer marks, performing arts marks, yoga marks, and sports marks. These also involve various values, skills and attitude of the child. These grades are used to upgrade the marks of the child in scholastic subjects [9th and 10thstd] as per CBSE rules.
  5. Assessment for standards 6 – 10 will be as per CBSE rules and regulations. Per term result will be as per CBSE format.
  6. FA 1 [10 Marks] + FA 2 [10 Marks] + SA 1 [30 Marks] = 50 marks per term.
  7. FA 3 [10 Marks] + FA 4 [10 Marks] + SA 2 [30 Marks] = 50 marks per term.
  8. The grading system is given in the report card.
  1. We hope that the students display their best behavior as it is expected from any student who is part of the school. Misbehavior in any form is not supported by the school.
  2. Parents are requested to bring Parent I-Card along with them whenever they come to school, failing which entry to school may be disallowed.
  3. Students will come to school in proper uniform on all days including Open House, failing which entry to school may be disallowed.
  4. We request parents to attend the Open House as scheduled, however in case if they are not able to attend then kindly submit a duly signed letter of authority to the bearer to collect the report card on their behalf.
  5. Students will have to adhere to the school timing, including days of exam. It is observed that students come late even during exams.
  6. The students are expected to come to school in an ironed uniform and properly kept hair. Boys must have short hair cut so that it does not interfere in studies. Hair must be oiled. In case if a student has a medical issue kindly give a letter to the school, duly endorsed by the doctor. Application of mehendi is not allowed.
  7. Once in the school every student is expected to speak in English language only, failing which the school will take appropriate action.
  8. Books must be brought to school as per teachers’ instructions.
  9. Students should be attentive in school and attend school regularly. There must be proper study strategy in place, to facilitate proper learning.
  10. Students will make their submissions, including projects and assignments, on time and as per instructions given by the respective teachers.
  11. All important notes will be given in the diary. Parents are requested to check their wards diary everyday and acknowledge the notes given by the teacher.
  12. Regarding Bus Rules:
    1. Bus students are expected to board and alight the bus only from school to respective bus stops and vice versa.
    2. Strict discipline must be maintained by the student while travelling in the school bus. Any student found guilty of misconduct shall not be allowed to avail bus facility.
  13. Regarding conduct on School premises:
    1. Running, playing or shouting inside the class is not permitted.
    2. Any kind of damage to school property shall be made good by the parents.
    3. Use of foul/abusive language, verbally or in writing is strictly prohibited.
    4. Parents are requested not to ask for half day leave during school hours.
Instructions on scholastic areas
  1. Languages
    1. English – Students are expected to read newspaper, listen to news, and thereby improve their exposure to new words and phrases. While attempting unseen passages the students are expected to write answers in their own words. The students must use new words learnt by them. There are many books available in the library which may be used to improve grammar and vocabulary. The supplementary reader prescribed by the school must be prepared thoroughly. Students must inculcate a proper reading habit. Creative writing must be pursued as a study habit. Students must carry a dictionary as per instructions.
    2. French – All projects should be maintained in the project book for the whole year.
    3. Sanskrit–Students must focus on grammar.
    4. Hindi–Students must inculcate a proper reading habit. Creative writing must be pursued as a study habit. Students must speak in proper Hindi.
  2. Science – Students must carry necessary equipment and material for the tasks, as instructed. Attendance during practical is compulsory.
  3. Maths – Basic concepts taught till the previous year should be learnt thoroughly. Students should know multiplication and square tables.
  4. Social Studies – The students must read text book thoroughly. Questions may be asked from the content. Map work marking must be as per instructions.
Instructions related to examination:
  1. Please try to remain present during all exams. There is no provision for a half day. No student will be allowed to appear exam and go home.
  2. In case if there is a possibility of a planned leave, kindly inform the school in advance.
  3. In case if there is a need to take a sick leave, kindly inform the school in the morning personally.
  4. Retest of students will be as per CBSE guidelines.
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